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Magpie Movements

Thank you for participating in Magpie Movements! We hope you enjoyed recovering with us at your association recently. Below we have provided some more information on how to help you swoop, stretch and succeed!

Please see below stretches that can be used both before and after your netball games!

Outlined below is why we complete each stretch!

1 – Stretching your hamstrings improves your flexibility so they can support your body while you play.

2 – This stretch is targeted towards stretching your hips. This helps you when you’re jumping to defend your player or when quickly changing direction. 

3 – Performing this stretch increases your range of motion helping to improve your shoulder passes.

4 – By stretching your wrists you can lower the chance of them getting injured. This stretch in particular helps with your chest passes as well as when you flick your wrists shooting for goal.

5 – Stretches your gluteus minimus as well as your lower back. This can help when you need to jump high or sprint. 

6 – Stretching your groin helps sudden stops and starts when running. 

Why we foam roll!

  • Prevents injury and helps you recover fast!
  • Improves mobility and flexibility.
  • Helps to remove lactic acid after a big game of Netball.

By completing stretching and foam rolling pre-game you prepare your body for a big game of Netball and lessen the risk of injury. Post-game foam rolling and stretching ensures that your body is recovered and ready for your next big game!



Interested in having the Magpies at your association and/or club, send your details to now! Furthermore, you can sign up to be an association member here and give your association the ultimate Magpies experience for season 2018!