Photos - Glen Moriarty

View the best photos from the Magpies' practice match against the Giants in Hobart.

Madi Robinson assesses her options while Serena Guthrie looks on.

Known for her shooting prowess, Caitlin Thwaites locks in on the target ahead.

Kim Ravaillion pushes the ball forward in mid court.

New Pie Erin Bell lines up for goal.

A Giant sandwich? Thwaites is double teamed by a pair of Giants defenders.

April Brandley takes a breather as the Pies call a timeout on the floor.

Training partner Sharni Lambden soaks up the atmosphere in her debut for the Pies.

We'll always be Side By Side.

Shae Brown is all smiles post-game as she meets and greets the Magpie Army in Hobart.

She's only played two games for the Pies, but Erin Bell is already a fan favourite.

Thank you, Hobart! A 2000+ crowd came out to support the Pies and we loved every minute of it.